如何落單 Ordering

Registering as member

Registering with SFALO.com will make your shopping easier and quicker. Each time you login to SFALO.com, your email address and password will immediately connect you to your personal profile – "my account" - which includes all your relevant account information such as contact address, order history, bonus points information and newsletter subscription preferences. You may edit or update this information at any time. If you have saved your delivery addresses in your previous orders, you can choose to clear those saved information. All member information is kept private, for further details, please see our privacy policy.

You will also receive our e-newsletters and over time be entitled to participate in our special member privileges and discounts.

To register, all you need to provide is your name, email address, and a password of your choice. You can fill out the rest of your account information at your leisure. Once registered, you will receive an account activation email.

Activating your account

We will send an email verification email to you and you will need to click a link in this email in order to verify your email and activate your account. To ensure you receive our email, please add eshop@sfalo.com and cs@sfalo.com to your email address book. Also try to avoid using webmail accounts such as hotmail.com, yahoo.com, sina.com, 163.com, etc.

This verification email is sent immediately after you submit your registration. If you do not receive this email after 15 minutes you submit your registration, this email may be blocked by your email service provider to email software. Please contact us eshop @ sfalo .com/cs @ sfalo .com.

Placing online orders

When you are finished with your shopping, click the "check out" button of shopping basket on the right top corner. 

  • If you are a returning customer, you will be prompted to login by providing your login name and password. 
  • If you are a new customer and have not shopped with us before, you will be required to register first by providing your email address and password, before completing the check out process.  

  • First Time Purchase

     We require that you register and login before you checkout your shopping basket so that you can save your delivery address details in "my account" for quicker checkout in the future. Important Note for customer

    Only after successful membership registration, bonus points and order history, including Order No., Order Details and Order Status, will be saved in your member account.

    Buy a package product

    When you are viewing a item which is running in a promotion package,  you can find a list in right bottom corner of the item detail page, including shirt printing service 

    Shirt Printing

    If you want to print name & number on the shirt you buy, please find the package item list showing on the right bottom corner in the item detail page and add to shopping cart. 

    Confirm to add the desired name & number in the [special instruction] before checkout. Order will be placed and pending to be confirmed by Sfalo.com.

    Redeeming cash coupon codes

    if you have a cash coupon code, just enter it in the coupon code field on the Shopping Basket page (Step 1 of the checkout process). Please note that these codes are case-sensitive. Click "update basket" to see the promotion reflected in your shopping basket. You may only use one promotion code per order, and in some cases promotions can only be redeemed once per person. All promotion codes are available for a limited time, while supplies last and cannot be use once expired

    Order confirmation

    After successfully placing an order, you will see a confirmation page together with an Order Number and order details. You will also get an order confirmation email with all the details on. If you do not see either of these, there maybe a problem with your order. You can check '"my account > order history" to see if the order is there and therefore has been placed.

    Sometimes an order will be successfully submitted even if you get an error message on the last step. Please check the list of recent orders in "my account" before attempting to place the order again.

    If you do not receive the order confirmation email, your email service provider or email software may have blocked our emails. Please notify us by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting with Resend Confirmation Order Email.

    Changing Orders

    Once you have completed your purchase thru sfalo.com,we do not accept any changes on ordered items and delivery address. For any changes on ordered item or delivery address, a ¥30 administration fee is required for each change.Please note:Whenever you make a change of an order, the estimated delivery date will be affected. Once an order is being packed or dispatched, no change will be accepted.

    For any changes on delivery address (for order is being Packed or Dispatched)
    If customer insist to make changes on delivery address for a packed and dispatched order, an additional fee is required. Since the additional fee is subjected to different region, please contact us  to get quote.
    Please note:No changes will be accepted for orders deliver to International Regions (outside Hong Kong & Mainland China).

    Cancelling Orders

    We usually dispatch all orders within the next business day. If you would need to cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible and specify your Order Number or make cancel thru [My Account]. A cancel order confirmation email will be sent to you. NOTE: Once an order is being packed or dispatched, it cannot be canceled by you or our customer service department.

    Payment methods

    SFALO.com is offering a wide range of payment methods, so you can find one that suits you best. Order your favourite products from the SFALO.com and then choose the way you'd like to pay:


    PayPal is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account. To make a payment through PayPal, you first need to open an account with PayPal. Please visitPayPal's official websitefor detailed information on how to create an account and make payments.


    Alipay is an account-based system that lets anyone with an email address securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account. To make a payment through Alipay, you first need to open an account with Alipay. Please visitAlipay's official websitefor detailed information on how to create an account and make payments.




    註冊SFALO.com將使您的購物更輕鬆,更快捷。您需要使用電子郵件地址和密碼登錄SFALO.com,在我的帳戶” -中,您可以看到相關的帳戶信息,其中包括聯繫地址,訂單歷史,獎勵積分信息和通訊訂閱偏好。您可以隨時編輯或更新這些信息。如果您已在以前的訂單中保存了投放地址,則可以選擇清除這些已保存的信息。所有會員信息都會保密,有關詳情請參閱我們的  隱私政策



    我們將向您發送驗證帳戶的電子郵件,您需要點擊此電子郵件中的鏈接,以驗證您的電子郵件並激活您的帳戶。為確保您收到我們的電子郵件,建議將  eshop @ sfalo .com cs @ sfalo .com 添加到您的電子郵件地址簿。還要盡量避免使用webmail帳戶,如hotmail.comyahoo.comsina.com163.com等。此驗證電子郵件在您提交註冊後立即發送。如果您在提交註冊15分鐘後仍然沒有收到此電子郵件,則您的電郵服務供應商/電子郵件軟件可能阻止了此電子郵件。請聯繫我們 eshop @ sfalo .com/cs @ sfalo .com



    • 如果您是舊客戶,則會通知你提供您的登錄名和密碼提示您登錄。
    • 如果您是新的客戶,並且以前沒有在我們網頁上購物,您將需要在完成結帳過程之前提供您的電子郵件地址和密碼進行註冊。












    成功下單後,您將看到一個確認頁以及訂單號和訂單詳細信息。您將會收到一封包含所有詳細信息的訂單確認電郵。如果您收到,您的訂單可能有問題。您可以檢查我的帳戶> 查看訂單記錄,查看訂單是否存在。

    有時即使您在上一步中收到錯誤消息,也會成功提交訂單。在嘗試再次下單前,請檢查我的帳戶中最近訂單的列表。如果您沒有收到訂單確認電郵,您的電郵服務供應商/電子郵件軟件可能阻止了此電子郵件。請聯繫我們 eshop @ sfalo .com/cs @ sfalo .com


    通過sfalo .com 完成購買後,我們不接受任何對訂購商品和送貨地址的更改。對於訂單項目或交貨地址有任何更改,每次更改需要30美元的管理費。請注意:每當您更改訂單時,預計交貨日期都會受到影響。一旦訂單被打包或發送,將不接受任何更改。對於交貨地址的任何更改(訂單被包裝或分發),如果客戶堅持對包裝和發貨訂單的交貨地址進行更改,則需要支付額外費用。因為額外費用受不同地區的影響,請聯繫我們獲取報價。請注意。







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